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Is it bad to have a mirror facing a bed in Feng Shui?

Feng Shui mirror facing bed
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Mirrors in the bedroom, now this is another misunderstood topic as many homes we visit will have many mirrors in the bedroom and this can cause problems. It is only a problem if the mirror faces directly onto your bed, and you can see your face and upper body in the reflection if you were to sit up in your bed.

Why are mirrors in bedrooms considered bad?

Two schools of thought, the first belief is when you sleep at night, your soul is said to depart your body, and when it leaves, the first thing it sees is an image of itself and gets frightened, and this is what causes nightmares and a night of restless sleep.

The second is when you sleep, your body refreshes itself with fresh Ch’i, and the negative Ch’i leaves your body; if there is a mirror opposite you, the negative Ch’i cannot leave your body and soul. This does not just apply to mirrors, anything reflective like a photo, painting, computer screen, TV or metal surface. If you cannot move the mirror, place a cloth over it when you sleep.

Should I have mirrors on the ceiling?

And before anyone writes in asking about mirrors on the ceiling, yes, these are also bad from a Feng Shui point of view.

Below are some photos showing bed and mirror placements that will help you decide what good or bad Feng Shui is:

Even a TV can cause problems; although not as bad as a mirror, you can still see your reflection on the TV screen.

Should you have a mirror or other reflective object facing onto your bed?

The photo below was taken at a hotel I stayed in somewhere in the UK, I wish I could remember where. The new flat screen TV’s does not seem to be as reflective now, though, so maybe not as bad? Many people ask me if I practise what I preach and always live my life clutter-free and everything organised? Not always, this photo was taken very soon after I arrived at the hotel, I can assure you half an hour later the room would look a lot messier.


Would I cover the TV screen up whilst I am sleeping?

I would not, as sleeping here for a couple of nights with that small screen will not cause me any problems at all, but over a few years, it will start to have some impact, albeit very small and nothing to really worry about although you could say the same thing about smoking the odd cigarette it probably will not shorten your life too much for some people even the odd fag and second-hand smoke can cause many problems.

It is all a question of balance, and with the thousands of clients, I have each one is so different, so to generalise and say anything reflective facing a bed will make your legs fall off, or your marriage to end is absolute nonsense, many of these books and websites and filled with horror stories to try and sell you a cure.

Can I fix the problem with a Feng Shui cure?

No Buddha statue, crystal or three-legged Toad will make this TV or mirror any better, a nice piece of voile or muslin cloth is all that is needed to cover it at night whilst you sleep.


The photo below was taken last year in a hotel in Glasgow that I have stayed in a few times, apparently, it was designed by a Feng Shui expert, although I expect most of the design was out of their control as there are quite a few flaws in the design but with respect, it is so hard to work with a building this size, and they must have done something right as I keep going back to the hotel and the suites they give me to keep getting bigger and bigger.


What if they are sliding mirrors?

The photo below is not that bad as the mirror does not look onto the feet of the bed; although can you see the divides in the sliding mirrors, this is not considered good as it cuts through your energy. This is going by the strict rules of some Feng Shui masters; although I have many clients who have a similar arrangement like the client whom I took this photo with, they live a very happy and healthy life with no problems. Again it comes back to balance. If the Feng Shui is quite good, you can get away with small things like mirrors, but if you have very bad Feng Shui these small things can be very harmful.

Think of your home like your body, treat it well with good food and exercise, and you can have the odd burger ad chips with no penalties, although eating junk food all day long expect negative results.

What if the mirror is above my body height?

The photo below shows a mirror facing onto the bed, although it is not as bad as the mirror is quite high up, and you would probably not see yourself when you sit up. Would I remove the mirror? Yes.



I hope you have enjoyed this article, and I have some even better content coming on Feng Shui beds and designs to clear up the many misconceptions.

Have a wonderful week, and remember life is like a mirror. If we frown at it, it frowns back. If we smile, it returns the greeting




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