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Worn out Ba Gua mirror causing problems…

Worn out Ba Gua mirror
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I took this photo below a couple of weeks ago at a client’s home in Kent and thought I would share with you the implications of having a Ba Gua mirror in this condition in and around your home or office.

Worn out Ba Gua mirror

Faded ba gua mirror

A ba gua mirrors must be made from wood and designed to fade after around 10-18 months as they hold so much negative energy, and with this visual deterioration, it warns you to replace them frequently. We change our mirrors around every ten months regardless of how they are wearing.

There are so many websites selling ba gua (pa kua) mirrors made from plastic and boast that they can last many years; these mirrors are so bad as they give you no indication of their age.

Please also note you should NEVER place a ba gua inside your home or office. Many books advise you to use them inside to hang on a bathroom door to make the bathroom disappear, what nonsense. Please never use them inside a building.

You can also use a Ba Gua wealth protection mirror specially made, which incorporates a Chinese i-ching coin attached to the rear of the Ba Gua, as shown in the photo below. This symbolically protects your wealth, especially if your door is located in the east, west or southeast in the 2022 year of the yang water Tiger ren Yin.

This is a very powerful Feng Shui cure, and you should also place them outside if you have negative Sha Chi outside your home or office like a lamppost, telephone pole, tall trees etc. A powerful protector of wealth and deflector of negative sha qi energy, you can view more details on the mirrors by following this link


Feng Shui Ba Gua mirror



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