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What is in store for 2022 – Yang Water Tiger year? Feng Shui and Chinese Zodiac predictions

Year of yang water Tiger 2022
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2022 is predicted to be a troubled year combined with a year of fantastic wealth opportunities and exciting new developments in medicine and technology, but it all comes at a cost.

We will see some amazing advances in medicine and medical technology in 2022, along with incredible new wealth created mainly through crypto, blockchain or a monetary system based around this, and I am excited but also nervous of what the year of the Yang Water Tiger Ren Yin has in store for us.

Unfortunately, there could be catastrophic natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and volcanos, as Tiger years are prevalent with this type of energy. In 1986, which was a yang fire Tiger year, we had the Chernobyl nuclear disaster caused by human error, and I pray we do see anything like this again.

Talk about yin and yang energy, 1986 was the year my son Sean was born which brought us amazing yang energy and then combined with this nuclear disaster which could be anymore yin in nature.

It would be best if you were prepared with your annual Feng Shui cures and enhancers as there could well be another stock market crash as we predicted in 2020 and every single stock market crash before. However, in 2022 it could be just an adjustment to how the financial markets will evolve as there are many changes ahead and best to be prepared.

What advice can I give for the year of the Tiger 2022?

The best advice I can give is to think positive and prepare early. Although the Flying stars don’t change until February 3rd 2022, you would be surprised how quick it comes around, and you can avoid so many problems just by following our simple advice.

To read the full article on preparing yourself for the 2022 year of the yang water Tiger, please follow this link.

“It is better to look where you are going than to see where you have been”

Are you prepared for the year of the Tiger 2022?

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